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Powerpole Enclosure Difficulties (and Solution)

Powerpole Enclosure Difficulties (and Solution)

After having received the prototype enclosure back and being so pleased with it I thought getting the rest cut would be a doddle.  This didn’t turn out to be the case.  Having had the order accepted from the laser cutters and shipping off the boxes I later had them returned with an apology that they were unable to cut them after attempts to reproduce them had failed.  They found that the ABS was melting and catching fire and releasing Cyanide gas.

That meant that milling was the only viable option.  I found a number of local suppliers and contacted them for quotes.  Most claimed that no job was too small…  Out of the 5 I contacted, one returned my email.  The quoted a crazy price per box (£20) and couldn’t start for 6 weeks.  Somehow I don’t think they wanted the work.

I then found a number of suppliers on eBay.  I contacted a number of them and got 2 responses.  Having had a friendly telephone conversation with one of them and a reasonable quote I have shipped the boxes off to get machined.  They are very confident that they can machine them to the quality I require.

I am getting a large number of enquiries to purchase these and most people want more than one.  I’ll keep you all posted on progress.  I’m looking forward to getting this project finished once and for all.

I will also now be supplying a 40a fuse with each kit as the main input fuse.