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Netduino Plus 2

Netduino Plus 2

Last week I purchased the updated Netduino Plus 2 from Secret Labs.  This version has a network port on it which I have been playing with. It’s given me the nudge I needed to continue with the Trimble Monitor. I have been testing out code to act as a web server and I am currently looking at the spec for NTP (RFC1305).

Netduino Plus 2I am considering adding NTP server support and a web server with information/configuration screens to the monitor.  I have a 2GB micro SD card to drop in for storage too.

Another thought I had but not delved too far into is routing the RS232 data in and out through telnet or SSH.  It means you could interact with it without a need for a serial port on the PC.  Not sure if there is any demand for this but wanted to flag it up here so it is logged.  People can either flame the idea or confirm it would be useful.

Currently digesting the NTP spec and will be blogging about how NTP works and how you speak its language soon. This is mainly to force me to fully understand it before running in and making mistakes.

If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to email me. I know there are a number of enthusiastic readers out there who want to build one but please remember the project is not complete enough for me to hand over code or examples yet. It’s been a tough year for time.