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Thunderbolt Monitor Schematic and PCB

Thunderbolt Monitor Schematic and PCB

It’s been a little while since I posted last but it doesn’t mean I’ve not been actively working on the project.  I have drawn out the schematic and PCB using Eagle and will be releasing the files to github ( with the first version of the source code.

I must stress that these have yet to be checked thoroughly so if you fancy double checking it for me I would appreciate.   I plan to get a run of PCBs made in the coming days.

The entire project is coming close to being complete now.  All that remains is to build the PCB shield, spray the freshly CNCd front enclosure to clean it up, cable up the front panel the distribution amp, put the lid on and rack it up.

Then add the missing features I discussed in previous blog posts such as NTP and web server.

Let me know if you would like to purchase a bare PCB (or kit if there is enough interest) and I will work out what they will cost to get produced.  I might even consider a fully built version of the non-diyers if I get the chance… and interest.  Let me know.

Trimble Thunderbolt Monitor Shield Layout v1 Trimble Thunderbolt Monitor Shield Schematic v1