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Thunderbolt Monitor: Builders Gallery

Below is a collection of photos which builders of the Trimble Monitor (kit and homebrew) have sent me. If you wish to see your work published here, please email me photos.

Builder: James Patterson – M1DST

My monitor is housed within a 19″ rack enclosure containing a Thunderbolt, PSU and distribution amplifier. I expose all outputs (PPS, 10MHZ and network) externally.

Builder: Lucas Ford – W6AER

Recently I was contacted by Lucas, W6AER who had just finished building his version. He was so pleased he gave a talk to the San Francisco Radio Club. He is using his GPSDO with his Flex radio. He was kind enough to send me some photos and a link to his write up.

Builder: Charlie Davis – WA3UTC

Charlie has put together a few of these now and has even started to create additional PCBs to help make the unit look better and build easier. Amazing job!

The labeling system for all the panels was completed using waterslide decals, just like the ones used in model airplane kits. I laid out the project in Microsoft Visio, and use the layout as a drilling pattern for the panels. The panels are drilled. Then I paint the panels and printed the image on the decal labeling stock. I then float the waterslide decals over the panels and let it dry. I then apply three thin coats of Krylon satin clear plastic spray and dry it with a heat gun. Turns out very nice.

Builder: Steve Jacobs – N0XC

Steve built the monitor using the schematics and code I published. He identified a bug in the lat/long display which was quickly corrected. Steve has made a nice job building his monitor.