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Power Pole PCBsI have started to receive all the stock for 50 distribution boxes. The PCBs have arrived and the rest of the hardware will trickle in over the coming days.

I am now in a position to calculate the price of each unit and will do so over the next few days whilst writing the build instructions.

If you are interested in a unit (or more), please email me and I will then let you when I’ve posted the information.

I’ve decided the best way to manage this project to to supply everything you need to create your own solution (pcb etc) or provide a kit of bits for you to build yourself.  That way I always know you at least have the right bits.  It’s just not worth the effort providing just the PCB at this point.  I’ll post a high resolution photo so you will know how to place the bits.

I will also be able to supply fully built versions for a small surcharge to cover my time.  All you need to decide is if you wish to have the LEDs and buttons populated as you might wish to use panel mounted buttons and LEDs.

I’ll post again when all the bits have arrived, I’ve properly costed it and have a working example.

Stay tuned.

It’s been a little while since I posted last but it doesn’t mean I’ve not been actively working on the project.  I have drawn out the schematic and PCB using Eagle and will be releasing the files to github ( with the first version of the source code.

I must stress that these have yet to be checked thoroughly so if you fancy double checking it for me I would appreciate.   I plan to get a run of PCBs made in the coming days.

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